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 “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the decisions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama

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Life Design

Do the Life Compass course to Live your Values with an action plan. Find Out    More…

Decision Makers

Decision Makers

Update your ESG decision making with the Decision Design tool…  Find Out More…

Policy Makers

Policy Makers

Make Policy that solves the Root Cause of the problem. Find Out More…

New Farmers

New Farmers

Regenerative Farming – an Intro to Managing Holistically

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With every decision towards our values, we create gentle ripples that over time
become a wave of  
change – a better future …” Helen Lewis DDH

The P.E.P Talk

With Helen Lewis

Discover how we can consider People, Environment & Prosperity ( P.E.P) in every decision, every day, ensuring the outcome is addressing the root cause, improving the situation and creating a meaningful ripple effect.

  • Find common ground with People you love, live with and work with – to enhance connection, collaboration and respect. Why do discussions go round and round? How can we decide without the win/lose?
  • Understand how nature functions, the best tools to use for a healthier Environment, and as a consumer or as an organisation – ways to check that the food and products you buy are produced in ways that enhance the environment. Find out why action on climate change is taking so long…
  • Get clear on what Prosperity means to you – money, wealth, freedom or relaxing and what you can do to create a prosperous life or work environment.

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