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Frequently Asked Questions



Why are Values & Principals Important?

They provide us with clarity about what we stand for- how we want to interact with people and the world around us, and what we expect or desire from our relationships, our connection to the environment and prosperity.

What will I learn?

You will get clarity about what you value and your principals for life, along with an understanding of your preferred future – you want to create.   This gives you a reference point for all your decisions going forward. With Life Compass– you will cover this plus your action plan.

With Decision Design for Life– you will cover all this plus you will learn to use the Decision Tool- with good questions that ensure every action you are taking is moving you towards what you want, while considering -People, Environment, Prosperity.


How can I make a difference to the Environment?

Food: By being aware of the source & production method of your food you buy and eat- is it regenerative- is it building soil carbon, cycling nutrients,( manure integrating with the soil)  the animals are free-ranging naturally, is the soil covered,  is the soil biology being fed and improved,  (chemical-free) download the free consumer questions here. Do you compost/ feed worms, chooks, dogs?

 Things– Do you need it? The source of material?  How was it made? Who made it? Can you buy it second hand, Do you refurbish, reuse, upcycle, restore or recycle what you have?

Like everything it is up to us how deep we want to consider these aspects – by being aware you may start seeing opportunities to buy better…

It seems as a society we are at the early stages of being better with managing waste, and the integrity of our recycling schemes’ is uncertain, the more questions we ask and the more we demand transparency, the more likely this pain point will be addressed… it is certainly a growth area.

Why do I need to consider the Environment?

As we discuss-  We (people) get consistent results with MAKING things, but our results are less consistent with areas we need to MANAGE (Relationships, Environment and Prosperity -Economy)  Everything we eat or use… comes from the earth at some point in its lifecycle- so if we want to keep MAKING/ Producing-  we better get better at MANAGING our Environment, by considering our impact by our consumer choices.

Do cows and livestock damage the land? NO: like we discuss when we unpack the Management Tool Box (Technology, Time, & Living Organisms) -it is How we apply the tool.

(It is the How, not the Cow) NO: If livestock is moved into a new paddock regularly (responding to the growth rate of plants) with the adequate recovery of plants- this is regenerative meat production,  as a result, soil carbon is increased. In drier seasonal environments- Livestock is a critical tool to restore landscapes – the moisture in their gut is required to complete the decay cycle- by turning the grass into a form that the soil microbes, critters and plant roots in the soil can use, to improve the soil biology, soil carbon and build soil.

YES: if Livestock is left in the one paddock for a long time… they overgraze and cause bare-ground.



Is Prosperity Profit?

Prosperity means different things to different people… Some people it is cold hard cash.. and the security it gives them some people it is the freedom and income give them, for some, it is being comfy with having enough…

…. And some people prosperity comes in the form of warm relationships, health and a sense of calm.