Personal Life Decisions

Decision Making can be overwhelming – there are so many ideas, options, opportunities, opinions, courses and maybe even FOMO- creating ‘ noise’ which makes decisions making feel more like a juggling act…

By knowing your Values and creating a Vision- your Preferred future, you can  make an action plan to Live your Values and take action towards your preferred future.

Well… that’s the reason I created Life Compass -an online, self-paced, supported course. Get personal  clarity, more Confidence and a sense of Calm, from knowing your Values and describing your Preferred Future.  Create an action plan so you live your Values everyday with 1 hr – 1 on 1 with me 

If you want to take it up a notch- and you really want to understand the impact of your daily decisions on the People in your life, the environment and your prosperity- Step up to the Decision Design for Life course, which includes your Values – Vision, Action Plan, Decision Design tool plus  2 hrs 1 on 1 time with me- Helen.    Decision Design for Life- creates the best possible outcome with every decision.

These courses are ideal for: Personal growth, Families, Relationships, Career choices or when you are making a big life choice.

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“Helen from Decision Design Hub is a hugely informative, patient and thorough teacher of the decision making process for holistic management. As a mother, partner, young farmer and business person, the framework has become the backbone of where I channel my energy, time and resources as an individual and as part of a family. I’m so thankful to have Helen and the framework to guide our decision making and use it every day. It has helped us immensely to make family and business decisions and to avoid conflict and confusion. I’d recommend Helen’s courses and resources to absolutely anyone as it can be applied to any individual and life situation”   Sophie M 2021

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

Jordan B Peterson