Decision Design For Life

Decision Making can be overwhelming – there are so many ideas, options, opportunities, opinions, courses and maybe even FOMO- creating ‘ noise’ which makes decisions making feel more like a juggling act…

Imagine if you felt grounded with a clear way of making decisions towards what you need and want well into the future…

Well… that’s the reason I created Life Compass -an online, self-paced, supported course. Get personal  clarity, more Confidence and a sense of Calm, from knowing your Values and describing your Preferred Future.  Take actions that  let you live your Values everyday.  

For those who really want to make sure you understand the impact of your daily decisions on the environment- step up to the Decision Design for Life course, which includes essentials about the environment.  

These courses are ideal for: Personal growth, Families, Relationships, Career choices and when you are making a big decision for a big change.

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“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

Jordan B Peterson

We all have thoughts about our ideal lifestyle and how we can leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Helen taught us some really useful decision making strategies which have allowed us to focus and think in more complex ways. She shared her methods of decision making in an easy to follow step by step process. We highly recommend Helen’s course and really appreciated her generous and friendly teaching methods. Helen was happy to answer all of our questions and has given us some valuable skills for life.

Peter and Romaine Undery