Printed Quarterly Life Planner 

Life Planner

Decision Design Printed Quarterly Planner

  • A perpetual quarterly planner- 3 months at a time.
  • Inspired by ‘The 12 week Year’ (B.Moran & M Lennington)
  • Helping you plan ahead for the foreseeable future… make the most of each month, week and day.
  • Set out in sections- PLAN, DO, REVIEW, NEXT PLAN.

        Try the Quarterly Life Planner for $27 inc. postage

The Life Compass Online Course

For those who like to do courses at their own pace and enjoy self directed learning. Support is available – register your questions at the Weekly Q & A

Create Consistent Change by Knowing Your Values
Help you get clarity on your Values and the future you want. Create a great action plan & live your plan!
  • Know the importance of your Why
  • Clarify your Values and Preferred Future- 
  • Create your Life Context
  • Set your actions and behaviours- in line with your Values
  • Make an Action Plan                                                            BONUS:  Resources provided.