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I am excited to say that a new Learning Platform for Decision Design Hub is being developed. Our courses will be available from October.. in the meantime scroll down to read about the Course Content and register your interest with the button below… and we can keep you posted on the progress. Really looking forward to making your learning  experience … so much better.


The Life Compass Online Course

For those who like to do courses at their own pace and enjoy self directed learning. Support is available – register your questions at the Weekly Q & A

Create Consistent Change by Knowing Your Values
Help you get clarity on your Values and the future you want. Create a great action plan to make a life you will remember.
  • The importance of your Why
  • Clarify your Values and Preferred Future- 
  • Understanding the importance of your Why
  • Clarify your Life Context
  • Set your actions and behaviours- in line with your Values
  • Make an Action Plan
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of the Decision Design Hub Planner

Module 1. : Introduction & Parts of the Puzzle

  • Why do we need to update our decision making? Where are our results are consistent and what areas are our results are inconsistent. From this we can get better at what we need to include so we can make decisions easier with a better outcome.  
  • Reconnect with where everything comes from.

Module 2: People – Environment – Prosperity at Their Best

  • We take a closer look at the 3 areas we need to include in our decision making – to gain clarity, confidence and sense of calm. 
  • Let’s understand the Ripple Effect of our decisions.

Module 3: Tools & Consequences

  • The update to your decision making starts here
  • With an understanding of the impact of the tools we use on the People around us, our Environment and our Prosperity
  • By understanding the tools and Consequences- we gain the capacity to choose what is better… for us and the world around us.

Module 4: Updating Our Decision Making

  • Why do simple meetings/decisions take so long? 
  • We compare our Linear thinking to Elevated thinking – just 3 additional steps make a world of difference to the outcome of our decision making.
  • Define your Current Reality- who are the decision-makers, who do you need to consider, what are you managing? 

Module 5: Your Why – A Compass & Your Life Context in the Making

This module highlights the value of knowing your Why

  • We provide you with an outline of what is included in your Life Context- and how to make your Life Context a powerful reference point for your decisions.


Decision Design For Life -online course

 I am reworking  my courses and will be offering Self Paced with 1 on 1 support from October. Please Register your interest by clicking the box below-




Decision Design enables you to live by your Values, updates how to ensure the environment thrives and considers your Prosperity- with every decision. 

When we make values-based decisions we create gentle ripples, that over time become a wave of change – towards a better future. We can elevate our decision making to decision design we can thrive and enhance our ever-changing world.

 Module 6: Find Your Why/Your Values

 With your core values, you create the 1st part of your Life Context.,

Now is the time we get stuck into unearthing your core values…

Module 7: Your Preferred Future

  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it for yourself”…
  • This is the second part of your LIFE CONTEXT and where you get to describe what the attributes are when things are at their best… You/ Your family, the Community, The Environment and your Prosperity.
  • Now is the time to put Your Life Context together – Your Values & Your Preferred Future. An example is provided to illustrate how it looks.

Module 8: Live Your Life Context

  • Create your action plan to live your life context.
  • Identify the systems and behaviours you need to put in place- to live your values.
  • Brainstorm- the actions and tasks you need to make your Life Context reality.
  • Sometimes we need to stop doing some things, so we can start doing new habits & keep doing what is in line with our Life Context.

Module 9: Decision Design – 10 Good Questions for Good Decisions

  • The 10 good questions explained in detail…
  • The 10 good questions provide a filter for all the noise out there- what should we do? when should we do it?
  • Decision Design helps you make the best decision for where you are at, right now… towards your LIFE CONTEXT.

Module 10: Decision Tool in Action

  • Put the 10 good questions to work and use the decision design tool with a decision you need to make.
  • PLUS you will have 2 hrs 1 on1 with Helen to ask questions, do worksheets and feel confident that you have learnt what you need. 

Plus: Tools, worksheets & resources 

Relax about Decisions-   with 10 Video Modules &  worksheets PLUS 1 on 1 support.


Life Planner

Decision Design Printed Quarterly Planner

  • A perpetual quarterly planner- 3 months at a time.
  • Inspired by ‘The 12 week Year’ (B.Moran & M Lennington)
  • Helping you plan ahead for the foreseeable future… make the most of each month, week and day.
  • Set out in sections- PLAN, DO, REVIEW, NEXT PLAN.

        Try the Quarterly  Planner for $27 inc. postage