About Us

Helen Lewis

Founder- Decision Design Hub. 


I am Helen Lewis – a facilitator in decision-making and policy-making. With over 25 years of accumulated experience with families & farm businesses, organisations, policy advising, lobbying, project management, adult education and as a farmer.

I offer online,supported, self paced courses for Personal Decisions and Essential Ag Decisions (based on Holistic Mgt).

For Community Groups, Organisations, Boards and Local Councils- I offer Face to Face Decision Design workshops.             The Decision Design difference is knowing – what makes an engaging  workplace, thriving environment and long term prosperity.                                                             -By actioning your teams Values you will retain staff and make a meaningful workplace.                                                           – If you want your actions to genuinely improve the environment,  DDH can help you take action that makes a genuine difference.                                                             – If you want to imbed ESG actions and not just to tick the boxes, I would love to work with you. 

I can help you-

  • ensure that decisions and policies are in line with your organisational values,
  • teach and help implement a decision tool that ensures every decision is considering ESG ( Environment, Social and Governance) outcomes, delivering transparency and social license.
  • Decision Design will deliver on your ESG targets, save your team time, help manage risk, and provide your organisation with a unique transparency & authenticity.

I am passionate about values-designed decisions – uplifting the people involved, creating a thriving environment and ensuring longer term prosperity.

I love being an Holistic Management Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute and Holistic Mgt International (Accredited since 2003)

Other Study & Courses include: BA Politics, AICD, Project Mgt  

Work with Me

If you would like to know more about Decision Design for your group, team, business, organisation, your family or farm –  get in touch or book me for a chat using buttons above.

Decision Design is collaborative, creative and impactful.


I wish to acknowledge in order of appearance in my life the people who have got me to this point; Stuart Shannon, Bruce Ward, Brian Marshall, Dick Richardson, Allan Savory & Jody Butterfield, Brian Wehlburg, Ian Lewis and our children.

Other influencers have been – Stephen Covey, David Allen, Michael Hyatt, Charlie Gilkey, Brene Brown, Lauren Handle Zander, Kate Raworth and many clients