About Us

Helen Lewis

Founder- Decision Design Hub. 


Over the last 26 years I have been developing my skills through  experience as a facilitator in decision-making and policy-making.  Work with families, farm businesses and organisations, and as a policy advisor, lobbyist, and as a CEO, has fostered my desire to help people and make a difference. 

At Decision Design Hub you can update your decision making with online, supported, self paced courses for Personal Decisions and Essential Ag Decisions (based on Holistic Mgt).

For Community Groups, Organisations, Boards and Local Councils- we can arrange Face to Face Decision Design workshops.

The Decision Design difference creates an engaging  workplace, a thriving environment and long term prosperity.     – By actioning your teams Values you will retain staff and make a meaningful workplace.                                                           – If you want your actions to genuinely improve the environment,  we can update your approach so the actions you take make a genuine difference.                                         – If you want to imbed ESG actions in your organisations and not just tick the boxes, I would love to work with you.

I can help you-

  • ensure that decisions and policies are aligned with your organisational values,
  • teach and help implement a decision tool that ensures every decision is considering ESG ( Environment, Social and Governance) outcomes, delivering transparency and social license.
  • Decision Design will deliver on your ESG targets, save your team time, help manage risk, and provide your organisation with a unique transparency & authenticity.

I am passionate about values-designed decisions – uplifting the people involved, creating a thriving environment and ensuring longer term prosperity.

I love being an Holistic Management Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute and Holistic Mgt International (Accredited since 2003)

Other Study & Courses include: BA Politics, AICD, Project Mgt  

Work with Me

If you would like to know more about Decision Design for your group, team, business, organisation, your family or farm –  get in touch or book me for a chat using buttons above.

Decision Design is collaborative, creative and impactful.

We all have thoughts about our ideal lifestyle and how we can leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Helen taught us some really useful decision making strategies in an easy to follow step by step processwhich have allowed us to focus and think in more complex ways. We highly recommend Helen’s course and really appreciated her generous and friendly teaching methods. Helen was happy to answer all of our questions and has given us some valuable skills for life.

Peter and Romaine Undery


I wish to acknowledge in order of appearance in my life the people who have got me to this point; Stuart Shannon, Bruce Ward, Brian Marshall, Dick Richardson, Allan Savory & Jody Butterfield, Brian Wehlburg, Ian Lewis and our children.

Other influencers have been – Stephen Covey, David Allen, Michael Hyatt, Charlie Gilkey, Brene Brown, Lauren Handle Zander, Kate Raworth and many clients