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Helen Lewis

Founder- Decision Design Hub. 


I live with my family, on our farm near Warwick, Queensland, Australia. I have created the Decision Design Hub to share with you, my 20-year passion and interest in values-based decision making.

My passion was ignited by Holistic Management training which I completed in 2002 and I have been educating families and organisations since 2003.With my experience in decision making- both personally and in community development, policy advising, lobbying and agriculture. I started to ask questions such as:

  • How do I sift out all the options (the noise), which option is right for me, right now? 
  • What makes a good decision? What do we need to check?
  • Are we solving the root cause?        
  • How do we find common ground and engagement with a diversity of people?           
  • How do we make good policy?                             
  • What are the consequences, the ripple effect or my footprint from my decisions?                     

Holistic Management values-based decision making answered these questions. Offering a process, that helps clarify what we need, so sifting the options is easier, the outcome of the decisions- are towards what we want and considers People, Environment and Prosperity  and other consequences.

Groups and Organisations can find common ground and develop policies that solve the root cause of the problem.

Make decision making   

By making values-based decisions in my life, I have noticed a level of calm, as the highs and lows became more even-keeled to a gentle ebb and flow in my life. 

Work with Me- work out which great idea is best for you and your team right now.

If you would like to know more about Decision Design for your family, group, team, business or organisation, I can create a course that suits your needs- both face to face and/ or online. It would be wonderful to discuss with you how I can make decision making easier and towards a better future.  Contact me- hello@decisiondesignhub.com.au 

Decision design is  creative, collaborative and invigorating. 


Decision Design Hub – Life Context

Values & Principals

Inspired to Make a Difference with collaboration, curiosity, courage, with genuine enthusiasm & passion – a belief in a better future.

Be of value to clients, provoke thought, extend myself, inclusion &  abundance, we can thrive.

Preferred Future: what attributes does each aspect have when it is at its best:  People – myself, team, community.

I am –  Warm, thought-provoking, helpful, adaptable, supportive, effective, evolving, growing and prosperous. The community is sharing, supportive, engaging, useful, friendly, quirky, considerate about the impact on others and the environment.

 The Environment:

The work environment: professional, easy to use, up to date, automated, access to personalised support.

Natural Environment: Maximise opportunities to, reuse, refurbish, recycle, minimise waste, materials and energy sourced from renewable options, source food with nutrient integrity from regeneratively managed land. Actions that consider & support-dynamic ecosystem function, diversity & productive landscape


Adding value to people’s lives, enabling a change in outcomes for individuals – organisations – policy – with decision making for a circular economy.  Earning enough for my family’s needs, with the capacity to build a supportive community with Decision Design Hub, and involvement in wider community initiatives.


I wish to acknowledge in order of appearance in my life the people who have got me to this point; Stuart Shannon, Bruce Ward, Brian Marshall, Dick Richardson, Allan Savory & Jody Butterfield, Brian Wehlburg,  Ian Lewis and our children. 

Other influencers have been – Stephen Covey, David Allen, Michael Hyatt, Charlie Gilkey, Brene Brown, Lauren Handle Zander, Kate Raworth and many clients


Google Holistic Management and you will find a lot of land management information and the importance of grazing animals (properly managed with planned grazing)  in environments with seasonal moisture – the moisture in the gut of animals is what keeps the life cycle going in the dry season – the grass is grazed, the manure is taken underground by critters & microbes where the carbon is stored and provokes new life to grow… a natural process and one that is critical for curbing climate change.
(Savory Institute and Holistic Mgt International are leaders in this field)

But the management component is the values-based decision making – it is the best-kept secret – this is what I want to share with anyone interested in making decisions with better outcomes.

With a Life Context as your reference point, the decision tool with the 10  Good Questions, enable you to take actions that are in line with your values and preferred future.

Engage with Decision Design Hub

The Life Map tool  (FREE)

  • You identify where you are at currently in 12 aspects of life…
  • You then and where you would prefer to be- so you can work on ways to bridge the gap…

Online Courses

Life Compass– 

  • You do the Life Map Tool,
  • You create your Living Context and
  • You create an action plan- from the Life map Tool and your Living Context with

Decision Design for Life

  • Incorporates the Life Map Tool,
  • Your Living Context with the behaviours and approaches you have to create to live your values.
  • ADDING the Decision Tool to filter the options/ideas to check the decisions you are making are in line with your Living Context.
  • You create an action plan from your Life Map and your Living Context.

The Life Planner

  • A perpetual quarterly planner- 3 months at a time.
  • Inspired by ‘The 12 week Year’ ( B.Moran & M Lennington)
  • Helping you plan ahead for the foreseeable future… make the most of each month, week and day.
  • Set out in sections- PLAN, DO, REVIEW, NEXT PLAN.
  • TRY the 1 month Trial offer $7.

Weekly Q&A live  Register for the weekly Live Q & A- you submit questions and talk with Helen Lewis Live Wednesday evenings 7:45 pm Qld Time.

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,
the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”
Dalai Lama.

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