Essential Ag Decisions

Essential Ag Decisions-  Puts the spring back into your step! Make decisions that enable your family relationships,  your landscape and your business to thrive -all at the same time.  

For creating a regenerative farm, you can’t go past learning the foundation information found in Holistic Management- the body of work compiled by Allan Savory since the 1960’s.

Managing Holistically enables you to get the outcomes you want, while understanding how every decision you make, can help people engage, the land regenerate & thrive and your business to prosper.

Sign up for Essential Ag Decisions– A supported, self-paced, online course to get the essential foundational decision making process.  Farmers who have this invaluable decision making under their belt have the capacity to:

  • apply the management tool/ tools in the way that will get the best possible result.
  • consider the people involved, the environment and prosperity all at the same time with every decision.
  • find common ground within a diverse team.
  • work on succession planning
  • Make weekly meetings meaningful
  • Take action and shift the needle on what you want to create on your farm.                                                                > More and more Farmers around Australia and the world are taking the steps to transition from traditional to regenerative practices.                                > Like how we update our computer software to improve the outcome .. the first step towards a regenerative farm is to update our decision making!


Farmers who want different results do things differently!

Here are a couple of free resources for you to download/ subscribe to- I hope both the Life Map Tool and the WOTB provide some clarity for you.

Until taking your course, I had completely under-estimated the value in having a clear approach to decision making. It was something we just did without much thought as to why. But applying the ‘why’ to every decision we now face moving forward and having this powerful set of tools and values on hand to reach a decision, is such an invaluable resource. And with the added bonus of being able to apply it to decisions within both of our      careers and the farm enterprise – multi purpose!                               Carly & Sam 2021

Are you finding yourself busy Working In The Business (WITB) on the farm – day to day and not so much On The Business ( WOTB)

80% of creating a regenerative farm is in the way you think. Making decisions that consider the people in your life, the environment and your prosperity all at the same time… which means we need to Work On The Business (WOTB).

To get you started, I have created a weekly Work On The Business (WOTB) newsletter providing critical information to tweak your environmental impact – so your land can thrive.

The Weekly WOTB is 1 Question, punchy info and 1 Activity + access to a FREE monthly Q & A call with me. Delivered FREE to your inbox every Week, over 12 weeks.

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Essential Decisions for Ag –  provides you with the focus and the management tools to enable your people, land and prosperity to  thrive with every decision- everyday.